United’s doggedness puts PSG’s showboating to shame

Angel di Maria is running down the wing, frothing and fuming, like an artistic steam engine on 5000 units of horsepower. Like a fallen angel leading a devil’s workshop, he is a gypsy dancer who wants to hit vengeance with bull’s eye. At the other end, Kylian Mbappe is dancing, tripping, salsaing — turning heads [...]


A walk across old Chinatown

If you take the turn into Sun Yat-sen Street from Central Avenue on a lazy Sunday morning, you will find children playing cricket in narrow bylanes lined with shops having Chinese names. A walk down these meandering lanes, while negotiating heaps of garbage, will take you into the heart of Kolkata’s old Chinatown, with annals [...]


Inside, inside the flames there is only deep darkness; no movement, no speech that fire cannot quell to dust. The revolution can wait. To dance with you beneath this carnage is radical. There's nothing without, hours fall in with the hunger of storm piling endlessly beneath, inside. Tonight I will watch the heavens burn softly [...]