The night you set sail

you didn’t look back
but kept drifting aimlessly
beyond the far of beyond

your mouth twisted into turbulence
your gaze speechless

moving away, away from the shore
your sails at the horizon flickering

light welling up in the distance

behind those eyes
a shadow falls on time

a flash of lightning
cracks open the horizon
from side to side

the moment now gapes open
as if waiting for an intervention,
the night curls into a question

you water the hourglass in the crevice
growing like a creeper inside the wrinkled flesh

nothing smells like the laughter
inside the festering wound
quietly spreading beyond repair

a storm now sets you apart
from the receding shoreline

a seagull marks the silence on the sand

you are drifting aimlessly
your sails unfurled

at the horizon flickering

stepping away silently
beyond light

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