blue ossicles of pain

spinning combustion
translates gradually
into the intimacy of meteors

we do not talk of love
language fell off her skin
into the cold gaze of slowness

into fatigued circles

naked under light
the room spreads
like a mad man’s laughter

two faces in the mirror
fuck fuck fuck

only my neurosis
feeds the orbital beast

invisible light spins the crows into motion

gyrating thunder
of dead men stuck forever
on your glasses

multiplying fault lines

you cannot love me

this spontaneous abortion
of desire and forgetting

traces the faith
of the rose in the oven

withering in light
centuries pass away

untangled birdsongs
pleading through the crust

the slurp inside the skull
the quick turn of voices lilting
and fading out

a million tiny explosions
inside the cold gaze of slowness

and only my neurosis
feeding the orbital beast

fuck fuck fuck

and now I am sinking forever
into the heart of light…

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