Nowhere girl

nowhere girl
mutating into moonlight
away, away from love

your breasts taste like vinegar
under the whirring motion of the fan
on a hot, tropical night

gazing into starlight and dust
your eyes wean off
the soft chorus of nightfall

moonlight floods the room
and crafts a mirror in your eyes

as the soft combustion of flesh
clouds out our vision
inside the well of light

we’re coiled like a starfish

naked in each other’s arms
we feel the night explode inside us

softly tracing like a virtuoso
the palimpsest of memories
along the scars on our skin

hips, breasts and laughter
all tangled up in silence

the luminosity in your eyes
builds up a moment’s desolation

crushing, gurgling, slurping, devouring
like matter spinning out of control
as we watch the distances disintegrate
between us

when our bodies are done with the lovemaking
like an automated response
you get up to close the curtains

the arguments of the evening
along with the insufferable stench of garbage
and loud barking of dogs

spiral back into my body
with the suddenness of an intruder

even the night is gaping
on your permafrost lips
in self-contained amazement

darkness engulfs us again
and I watch with a sigh
the light go out of your eyes

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