House of song

No one comes anymore to your house of song. The naked woman rides her melting horses through the breeze. The pianola harps on her naked tune, the sea-horses dreaming the poisoned allegro, the angels of light drown in the fall. Ritenuto éphémère, as the symphony falls in a river of light and spins in cobwebbed [...]


Totem queen

The wind-taxi celebrates the fall of the totem queen. The horse runs with a pistol through rainfall. In a century long ago, she runs her finger along the corner of her lips. Behind the foreskin of history, the queen disrobes and plays cards with the moon. The wind allays her fear with the gift of [...]


Inside, inside the flames there is only deep darkness; no movement, no speech that fire cannot quell to dust. The revolution can wait. To dance with you beneath this carnage is radical. There's nothing without, hours fall in with the hunger of storm piling endlessly beneath, inside. Tonight I will watch the heavens burn softly [...]

Musings on laughter

Anatomy of laughter What is laughter if not borrowed speech dwelling on stolen time which has the lightness of derision and the wildness of a delirium? What is laughter if not a symptom of endless drowning without explanation, endless convulsion without thought, and endless dying without pretension?   Absence Move across laughter silently, like false [...]

Biography of a photon

There’s nothing but walls, old grey walls, cracked walls, a wall of walls; several layers of cloistered space with damp smell of rain, curving inwards with a hunger of flat piano dust, and a single photon that burgles in like the monsoon cat, drenched and fading. The wall grows faces in the wind, face of [...]