Logging out/Error 404

Sometimes I watch you
when after a long day at work
you log out and snap off the WiFi cable.

I try to grasp the meaning
behind the violence
of your gesture

as you faintly gather
the remains of the day.

[The system encountered an uncorrectable hardware error.]

You speak to me in radio silence
as you quietly undress in bed.

[Access denied]

You’re letting the moonlight wash over you
and permeate your body,

the sea whistles an aubade in your throat,
your lungs are dilated
with the laughter of dead men;

[Your system ran into a problem and needs to restart.]

you’re inhaling the laughter
and letting it drop
with the sound of broken skulls.

Your face untranslateable
like an automaton,
you’re deliberately coding in the errors
into your system;

[This application failed to start, an important component .dll is missing. Reinstalling the application may fix the error.]

your body like an alien weapon turns on you,
your vitals are drained off blood.


Breathless under moonlight,
you’re shrinking the space you occupy;

like a ghost you’re shedding your skin,
snapping off one cable after another,
dissolving into the endlessness of life;

[The remote server is not responding.]

with the cold indifference of an app
you’re deleting your desires,
uninstalling your memories.

With lifeless eyes
you’re staring past the horizon now
at the blue skin of death;

[A problem has been detected and your system has been shut down to prevent damage.]

at the fag end of the day,
you’re logging out.

[Error 404. File Not Found]

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