Poems for the panther lady



The boatman’s love songs


hours of magic silence

song of the haunted rain,

your voice travels to me
through the wet empty spaces
of the night

like an echo of faint desires
a kiss of the blue swords
of time


whirlwind of roses
and poems,

silver tears
in your amorphous eyes
calling you mine,

I speak a silent prayer
inside your temple of faith

bit by bit,
I sketch your name
on the white sand

farewell to my love
for winter nights …


Words to the panther lady



Lines on wet glass
drenched with cobbled laughter,

dream staircases go up in smoke

the panther lady visits the town
with a bag of pink flowers.

Inside your wet, melanin eyes
the dream changes station.


The night has a strong taste of skin.

The train melts through the mind
remembering the lips that burnt in Siberia.

Only the desert children smile
as they play with the corpse of rain.


You will watch the walls form
inside your laughter.

You will watch the leopard
kiss your dream,

as the mirror
fractured like ice poles,
will record the scent of your fingers.

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