This is a somewhat random amalgamation of a Rimbaud poem and two short videos on Deleuze. I just chanced upon these videos on youtube. The first video quotes extensively from ‘Postscripts on Societies of Control’.



Deleuze’s essay is fascinating as he traces the transition from what Foucault calls ‘disciplinary societies’ to the postmodern, corporation-run societies of control. Delueze writes, quite alarmingly:

“Felix Guattari has imagined a city where one would be able to leave one’s apartment, one’s street, one’s neighborhood, thanks to one’s (dividual) electronic card that raises a given barrier; but the card could just as easily be rejected on a given day or between certain hours; what counts is not the barrier but the computer that tracks each person’s position–licit or illicit–and effects a universal modulation.”

Here is the other interesting video:



Okay, now for something less bleak, the Rimbaud poem.

 In winter we’ll travel in a little pink carriage

With cushions of blue.
We’ll be fine. A nest of mad kisses waits
In each corner too.

You’ll shut your eyes, not to see, through the glass,
Grimacing shadows of evening,
Those snarling monsters, a crowd going past
Of black wolves and black demons.

Then you’ll feel your cheek tickled quite hard…
A little kiss, like a maddened spider,
Will run over your neck…

And you’ll say: “Catch it!” bowing your head,
– And we’ll take our time finding that creature
– Who travels so far…

‘Winter Dream’ by Rimbaud

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