How do you bear spaces that are haunted with refutation, the caprice of foamy sentience perhaps still pebbled with cold laughter, now rumpled in flamboyant senility? The telephone is still towed away at the corner with a voice in droplets. The mirror on the derelict walls which was once coloured by momentum of relentless scuttling [...]


Death of a poem

The poem always comes to you in moments of crisis. When after the lingering effects of last night's quarrel, you've settled down peacefully with the morning paper and tea, the poem always knocks on the door, uninvited, like a petulant, impatient child demanding to be let in. If you choose not to indulge it, it [...]


No more of witch-hunting in gramophone voices. No more of staged distractions and dilapidated laughter. Erasing with a wind compass the vinyl topography of lovers. Corpses rolling like dolls, in the wind, toothless, in the miniature explosion of dust. Bruises on the walls of laughter, horses in the wind, your hair flows like milk and [...]

Musings on laughter

Anatomy of laughter What is laughter if not borrowed speech dwelling on stolen time which has the lightness of derision and the wildness of a delirium? What is laughter if not a symptom of endless drowning without explanation, endless convulsion without thought, and endless dying without pretension?   Absence Move across laughter silently, like false [...]